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How users benefit from RefinemySite

Illustration in which a manager and a worker shake hands

Benefits for general contractors

Time is money - we’ll give you more of both. RefinemySite helps your project team to avoid idle times so that you can complete projects on time and on budget.

A foreman is digging up the earth makes for laying pipes.

Benefits for trade partners

Plan in cooperation with other trades - so once you are at the construction site, you get your job done without any obstacles. Through joint planning with the easy-to-use digital platform RefinemySite, delays and potential planning conflicts can be identified and eliminated in advance.

A men looks at a tablet.

Benefits for architects

Ensure optimal implementation of your creative designs. By implementing the easy-to-use digital platform at an early stage of the project, Bosch RefinemySite supports you in establishing a flow of information to the trades right from the beginning and to save consultations and unnecessary iterations.

A man is sitting at a desk in front of the laptop.

Benefits for owners

Stay informed and stay in charge of your construction project. Bosch RefinemySite gives you full transparency on the progress of your construction project at any time.