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Customer story

pde: Greater planning efficiency thanks to the construction management software RefinemySite

A project team on a construction site uses RefinemySite on a tablet with the calendar and a task open.
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pde Integrale Planung, part of the PORR Group, considers itself an incubator for new, innovative ideas, with a focus on sustainable planning. By applying the latest methods and tools such as building information modeling (BIM) and Lean management, pde makes it possible to set new standards in planning in terms of efficiency and cost security.

pde has already profitably used the RefinemySite construction management and scheduling software in several planning projects. With RefinemySite, all participants in a planning project can collaborate digitally. As the platform is constantly being developed and enhanced further, RefinemySite represents the ideal collaboration platform for pde.

At pde, we also benefit from the use of RefinemySite in that our feedback and requirements are taken into account in onward development of the tool – a win-win situation for both sides.

Thomas Baierl, Head of Lean Department at pde Integrale Planung GmbH

How pde benefits from using RefinemySite:


When teams work collaboratively based on Lean construction principles, they coordinate in daily meetings. Holding all these meetings in person entails considerable travel time and the associated travel expenses. If someone can't be there for a particular meeting, there is a risk that information won't be passed on or acted upon. However, the project planning phase in particular offers high potential for saving travel time and expenses. This requires holding meetings virtually, and establishing a central platform for the team to enable documentation and communication.


RefinemySite enables owners and partners to design and build processes so that physical data is recorded digitally and linked in meaningful ways. Owners can therefore see all project information at a glance at any time.

The vision of this construction management software is to generate the as-built documentation linked with BIM, and advance development towards integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), readying RefinemySite and pde for the future.


For pde, the use of RefinemySite in the planning phase brings many advantages for all project participants:

  • Planning is much more efficient, resulting in time and cost savings.
  • The quality of planning meetings improves.
  • Documentation and project monitoring are transparently presented, reducing the time project managers spend on client communication.

The strategic partnership between pde and Bosch's RefinemySite team is a win-win situation. Based on the concept of Lean, the ongoing development of the platform continuously improves construction processes for the benefit of customers and their projects.

About Bosch RefinemySite

Bosch RefinemySite is a cloud-based construction collaboration platform that applies Lean principles to enable your entire team — from owners to trade contractors — to plan accurately, communicate clearly, and execute work efficiently. The easy-to-use digital platform empowers your team, builds trust, creates a culture of responsibility, and enhances communication.

At Bosch, we have over 100 years of experience empowering teams on the construction site. But our expertise isn’t limited to power tools. We’re global leaders in technology with an emphasis on digital solutions, and our vision is to build a connected ecosystem for Lean, BIM, and IoT.