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Construction project KPI tracking with Bosch RefinemySite

Tablet on a jobsite showing a KPI dashboard in RefinemySite

Every construction project has its goals — from meeting deadlines and budgets to ensuring client satisfaction once a building is complete. Bosch RefinemySite progress tracking software helps you manage each aspect of a construction project — from daily task reports to yearly roadmaps and everything in between. Our software utilizes key performance indicator (KPI) tracking systems to note every activity recorded by team members and turn it into easy-to-read, measurable data. Share current progress updates with stakeholders, evaluate performance, avoid repeating mistakes, and — most importantly — continually optimize your project to stay on track with targets and goals.

Bosch RefinemySite is the simple solution to streamline your workflow for a successful construction project. Watch our video to learn more about how you can start tracking the key aspects of your project today.

Accurate construction progress reporting for data-driven decisions

With RefinemySite you can accurately measure and evaluate all jobsite activities to better manage your construction project. Every task, day card, milestone, and goal is taken into account to give you an up-to-date progress report on the status of your construction project as a whole, as well as on an individual team and team member performance basis. Track and evaluate all KPIs for up to twelve weeks and export all data into your own customized dashboard. Superintendents can share project status reports with owners and other stakeholders to provide a true picture of how well a project is performing. KPIs can also be used to garner early insight into potential risks to project workflow, giving project managers time to solve issues before they arise.

Track successes and deficiencies with KPIs

In an ideal world, construction project tasks are planned, committed to, started, and finished without any issues, however this isn’t always realistic. Problems such as time management, logistics issues, material shortages, safety concerns, weather, and more can prevent a worker from completing a task on time.

With RefinemySite, team members must always state why a task cannot be completed, choosing a variance reason from a set list or customizing their own. Every incomplete task is then recorded and tracked to provide project managers with a complete overview of what went wrong. With a clear presentation of variance reasons and the frequency of their occurrence, managers can easily analyze variance trends to get to the root cause of incomplete construction tasks. This progress reporting feature is not only ideal for identifying problem patterns among unfulfilled day cards, but it also enables managers to implement counter measures and prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.

Screenshot showing several weeks of KPI tracking in RefinemySite
Variances are color-coded to provide you with an overview of the most common reasons for incomplete tasks at a glance.

There are a number of reasons for variances. In RefinemySite, variances are color-coded, affording you an overview of the most common reasons for incomplete tasks.

Variances are key to providing an accurate status report on the progress of a construction project. Success is measured as a percentage, with an 80-90% success rate being a realistic goal for most projects. A high success rate like this means that not only are individual team members repeatedly delivering high performance, but other variables, such as handoffs, deliveries, and collaboration between teams are also running smoothly.

The goal of Lean construction planning isn’t to achieve a 100% success rate, as this would suggest that team members and trades aren’t utilizing their full capacity if they can easily complete every task assigned to them.

What’s important is to understand how you can best utilize KPIs to continually optimize project performance. The more accurately communication and documentation are recorded in RefinemySite, the faster deviations and problems can be identified, corrected, and avoided in the future. Bosch RefinemySite construction project software simplifies progress monitoring and provides you with the tools you need to streamline your project.

Team performance and responsibility tracking

In addition to task progress monitoring, RefinemySite construction project software can be used for daily reporting on team and individual performance. Construction site managers can view the performance of trade companies and individual workers, while foremen and company representatives can only see the performance of their own teams. In the context of collaborative planning, this promotes an environment of reliability and accountability on the jobsite and improves reliable promising between all teams, from trade contractors and foremen to owners and architects. These performance metrics also ensure team leaders and managers know who is directly responsible for a task, making it easier to address repeat issues among individuals and teams and provide solutions early on to prevent problems from escalating.

All team members invited to the software can see overall performance metrics for greater transparency on the jobsite. Daily reporting on the construction project is reflected as KPIs which can help team members gain a better overview of the project as well as the work they’re doing. From daily reports from the construction jobsite via the app to a deep-dive analysis of workflow on the desktop platform, Bosch RefinemySite utilizes collaboration between team members to provide a thorough overview of a construction project.

With just a few minutes anyone can be proficient in using the software. Read the RefinemySite user guide or utilize our self-paced course for more information. We’re here to assist you with any questions you and your team may have.

For a complete overview on how Bosch RefinemySite can work for your construction project, you can watch our project demo video on our YouTube channel.