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Project collaboration streamlined with Bosch RefinemySite

On a jobsite, a tablet with calendar view in RefinemySite can be seen on the left and a cell phone showing the RefinemySite app on the right

Bosch RefinemySite is a construction management scheduling software designed to promote simple, accurate, and efficient planning and better collaboration on construction projects. With a clear and intuitive user interface, our software makes it easy to streamline project workflows and optimize tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. Utilize the myriad integrated features available to enhance communication between architects, general contractors, trade partners, and owners. Whether on or off the jobsite, benefit from centralized collaboration with Bosch RefinemySite.

For a full overview of the functions and features of RefinemySite construction scheduling software, watch our video here.

Intuitive, user-friendly design

Bosch RefinemySite construction scheduling software offers a simple, intuitive user interface for the best possible overview of your project. The visually clean and clear layout is color-coded for easy differentiation between teams, milestones, and tasks. Assign day cards or multi-week tasks, create constraints to help keep work on track, or introduce milestones to ensure goals and deadlines are always met. RefinemySite ensures everyone is aware of what they need to do to collaborate on a project.

With the simple drag-and-drop function, you can shorten, extend, or move one or more tasks around to reflect any schedule changes. As a cloud-based scheduling software, construction plan updates are immediately visible to all crew members, including any changes made within a day card. Team members can add notes, updates, constraints, documentation, and more within a task or simply mark it as complete with a single tap.

Promote collaboration among different teams

RefinemySite scheduling software for construction projects is designed for collaborative use across teams, including project owners, general contractors, trade foremen, architects, and more. Every team member involved in the project can view all planned, completed, and active tasks, as well as any live and historical updates. Important data including schedule deviations and individual performance are tracked and stored for analysis with our KPI tracking feature. This provides insight into any reliability and communication issues that could potentially arise on a construction project and makes it easier to plan and manage future tasks.

As a cloud-based construction scheduling and communication software, job changes and up-to-date information can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. Use the full RefinemySite platform on a laptop or tablet, or download the mobile app to share live updates on the go. Be it photos, documents, or a simple note entry in a day card — with real-time notifications, RefinemySite keeps you informed of all changes. This ensures a transparent workflow between teams and fosters a collaborative environment both online and on the jobsite.

Interactive calendar for collaborative planning

The calendar is an integral part of the RefinemySite platform and provides a complete overview of the different levels and workflows that make up a construction project. Offering multiple timeline views, the calendar can be used to showcase both the roadmap of an entire project, as well as small-scale tasks, such as individual trade assignments, construction phases, and day cards.

The overall timeline of a project is defined by milestones which should generally be implemented up to six months in advance. The upcoming six weeks of a project should also be updated on a weekly basis and can be broken down into daily tasks organized by individual tradespeople.

Roadmap view for framework scheduling

Screenshot of the roadmap view in the RefinemySite calendar
Roadmap view — a guide for construction project workflow

In the roadmap view, the construction project manager or planning team can define project milestones and phases or work packages for each relevant team or tradesperson.

These act as a solid framework structure and can show the duration and overlapping phases of a construction project. The roadmap should contain the most important details of a project, including start and end dates, and should also take variable aspects into account, such as delivery times, seasonal weather, and potential delays.

A detailed roadmap can greatly facilitate collaborative planning on a project, as it provides teams and individuals a base on which to organize their own work.

Clicking on a milestone shows which tasks need to be completed in order to reach it.

For more information, watch our “Milestone Features” video.

Screenshot of related tasks in the RefinemySite calendar
Related tasks can be identified at a glance for streamlined collaborative planning.

Roadmap view for advanced planning

Screenshot of a six-week overview in the RefinemySite calendar
With RefinemySite, you can adjust your timeline to get an overview of tasks for one, six, or twelve weeks.

Based on Lean methodology, RefinemySite allows team members to plan detailed schedules in six-week intervals. A detailed timeline of tasks ensures that everyone knows what to expect in the upcoming weeks and makes it easier for teams to collaborate on a project. Timelines can even be exported (PDF format) and shared for collaboration with people not using the software.

Weekly, monthly, and yearly timeline views

Bosch RefinemySite’s software offers a multi-calendar view for the efficient scheduling of construction projects across a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. View six weeks or twelve weeks with the click of a button — the calendar is easy to adjust for an overview of all milestones and tasks within your chosen timeline.

Plan and document tasks

Tasks are used to define which activities need to be completed by which trades, and by when.

Screenshot of a day card being created in the RefinemySite calendar
A task can be created in just a few seconds — either using the full platform or the mobile app.
Screenshot of an open day card in the RefinemySite calendar
An open task contains detailed information regarding a specific activity.

An open task provides information on the trade, the activity, deadline, and location of work onsite.

Additional detail can be documented within tasks by adding constraints and dependencies.

Tasks cards can easily be rescheduled via a drag-and-drop function if needed.

Screenshot of a task being postponed in the RefinemySite calendar
Move, select, copy, and paste tasks in the RefinemySite calendar.

Dependencies and constraints

Screenshot of constraints and dependencies in the RefinemySite calendar
Constraints and dependencies among different tasks are easily identifiable in the RefinemySite calendar.

For seamless collaboration on the jobsite, dependencies and constraints can be placed on tasks and milestones and are visible to all team members invited to use the software.

If a task is rescheduled, those affected (including those whose work depends on the completion of that task) are notified. Dependencies are visually represented on the calendar as lines between tasks. Red lines between tasks represent conflicts, so team members know to adjust their schedule accordingly.

Constraints, on the other hand, ensure a task isn’t started before a previous one is completed, making sure the right trade partners are doing the right work at the right time. For an even simpler overview, team members can also make use of the filter function, which allows them to see tasks relating only to them.

Day cards for dividing tasks into daily commitments

Day cards help to divide tasks into daily commitments to achieve a continuous workflow based on reliable promises.

Keeping the status of day cards accurately updated enables all project participants to remain informed about the current status of work.

Screenshot of an open week in the RefinemySite calendar
A day card can be created in just a few seconds — either using the full platform or the mobile app.
Screenshot of an open day card in the RefinemySite calendar
An open day card shows the most important details of an activity at a glance.

An open day card provides information about the number of workers required for an activity and the execution status.

If a job could not be completed, a reason can be added to the day card. This transparency can support the project team in continuously improving joint planning and execution.

Day cards can easily be rescheduled via a drag-and-drop function if needed.

Screenshot of a day card being postponed in the RefinemySite calendar
Day cards can be easily moved if needed.

Calendar functions at a glance

Some of the most important features of the RefinemySite calendar include:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy rescheduling of tasks
  • Shorten, extend, move, select, and change single or multiple tasks at once
  • Confirm open tasks in the weekly overview and mark them as ‘accepted’ when complete
  • Add relevant information and documentation to task details
  • Assign tasks to individuals or teams
  • Place dependencies and constraints on tasks for effortless collaboration between team members
  • Voice-to-text function for quick updates and completion of tasks
  • Filter function for showing content relevant only to a specific team member
  • Storage of all task activity for greater transparency and team member accountability

With just a few minutes, anyone can be proficient in using the program. Read the RefinemySite user guide. We’re here to assist you with any questions you and your team may have.