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RefinemySite — the construction management and scheduling software

RefinemySite can be seen on a tablet, smartphone and laptop on a construction site.

RefinemySite from Bosch is a cloud-based construction management software with a complementary app to enable your entire team — from owners to trade contractors — to plan accurately, communicate clearly, and execute work efficiently. Developed on the basis of Lean principles, RefinemySite is intuitive and easy to use. Connecting workspaces with building models in the platform helps each project participant to spatially visualize and better understand the project plans. The digital platform empowers your team, builds trust, creates a culture of responsibility, and enhances communication.

Whether on the jobsite, in the office or at home, with RefinemySite scheduling software, you can streamline your construction project and efficiently manage it from one central source. With unlimited storage space included, you can communicate all aspects of your construction project on the RefinemySite platform and save documentation so it’s easily accessible to team members who might need it. Invite general contractors, trade contractors, architects, and owners to your project for seamless and efficient collaboration across multiple teams.

Working with our construction management tool enables team members to collaboratively and transparently streamline their workflow. Keep track of changes and optimize communication to keep construction projects running smoothly.

Through our convenient import function, you can easily use existing planning, for example in MS Project or Oracle P6 in RefinemySite. It is also possible to export the data from RefinemySite to these traditional planning tools.

Collaborate with our construction project management software

Collaborate with our construction project management software

With our intuitive scheduling platform, you can easily create tasks and prioritize what's important for your jobsite. Assign tasks and create dependencies, so teams are always up to date with the work being completed onsite.

See the big picture with an overview of phases and milestones across a weekly, monthly, or even yearly roadmap view. With RefinemySite, you can easily export all calendars and roadmaps, including annual overviews in PDF format — ideal for offline progress reports or for anyone who is not part of the project.

The animation shows a foreman on the construction site. The supervisor reports a problem to the site manager. The error message is discussed in the trailer.

Stay up to date with real-time documentation

Every project is affected by the unplanned — be it bad weather, logistical issues, or labor shortages — so it’s important to keep team members informed of any last-minute schedule changes.

As a cloud-based construction management software, Bosch RefinemySite allows for up-to-date communication in real time. Experience the full range of features on our web-based scheduling app, including tasks and notes for detailed updates. Additionally, you can download our construction project management app on your mobile for easy access on the go. Our mobile app is particularly useful for collaboration and documentation on the jobsite. Daily tasks (day cards) can be created quickly, or their status can be updated.

The animation shows how RefinemySite enables KPI tracking. Project participants discuss the KPIs in the construction container.

Make data-driven decisions and get more done

RefinemySite allows you to measure progress, performance, and shortfalls on your jobsite. Your roadmap of tasks helps keep you focused on meeting project goals, while also providing insight into what you and your team have already accomplished.

Analyze relevant data to identify what went wrong in the past and optimize plans to avoid the repetition of these issues in the future. Create purposeful goals and achieve more for your project with Bosch RefinemySite’s construction management software.

RefinemySite mobile construction site app

Constant connection with the construction app

Bosch RefinemySite’s mobile construction site app is especially designed for the needs of trade foremen. Users can view assigned tasks, create day cards, review urgent work, and upload images.

The jobsite app also supports entire project teams in agile collaboration. Based on Lean construction principles, it enables continuous improvement of construction project workflows.

The easy-to-use RefinemySite app offers numerous benefits such as the seamless planning of construction processes and smooth on- and offline functionality. Data is automatically synced with other team members once internet connectivity is available.