Functionality that drives improvement


There are many ways to improve your project, but it will only succeed with the right tool.
RefinemySite offers an all-in-one solution to optimally plan and advance your project. The special quality is in the detail - the individual functions that will support you in your daily work.

Digital Planning Tool

Digital Planning Tool

The digital calendar allows the team to plan tasks in a collaborative way following lean principles. This feature gives you a clear overview.

Dynamic Management

Dynamic Management

Easy planning is possible by flexible creating tasks and day cards. Drag & Drop makes it simple to change the temporal position of them.

Live Documentation

Live Documentation

RefinemySite is accessible via web and mobile app. This makes it easy to track the status of each work. Everyone is up to date and documentation is done automatically.



Automatically measured KPIs help the team to constantly improve and achieve even more together.

More to come - more to expect

We are constantly working on the improvement of our product. RefinemySite is the result of the collaboration of many different expert groups - construction site team members, software developers, lean experts and UX designers.

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Many features. One tool. This is RefinemySite.

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