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About Bosch RefinemySite

Committed to empowering collaboration on construction sites around the world through our digital planning platform, we’re firm believers that if you improve construction, you help tackle society’s most pressing challenges. Whether enabling construction firms to run more profitable projects, improving the culture of the industry and the experience on the construction site, or promoting sustainability by helping teams manage projects more efficiently, our work has a ripple effect that we’re determined to expand upon.

The image shows nine team members who are located in Leinfelden.
Bosch RefinemySite’s team in Leinfelden, Germany

Our Germany-based team includes individuals working in the areas of product development, business management, marketing, sales, customer success, and strategy.

Our US team, based in Illinois and Massachusetts, encompasses marketing, sales, business and partnership development, and customer success.

The US-based Bosch RefinemySite team.
Bosch RefinemySite’s team in the US, located in Chicago and the greater Boston area